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Candia5 - The Best Way To Diagnose Candida

What is candida? That’s what I asked myself not too long ago when I was researching cures for my irritable bowel syndrome. I knew what Irritable bowel syndrome was, I knew that I had bad bloating, gas, and premature hair loss, but I figured those were just symptoms that I had of getting older. Maybe I had bad genetics, I wasn’t really super unhealthy compared to most people, I had a decent diet.

The problems came when I really looked up cures to my IBS, and looked at other symptoms that I had, bad gas, that made me seem as if I was a weapon, but the hair loss... my brother had a full head of hair and he was 3 years older than me. Many signs pointed to candida, but it just didn’t make sense to me that a fungus can grow in our bodies and not be widely acknowledged by the medical community. One thing that really struck me though was that antibiotic use could potentially cause candida.

Before I was experiencing these issues for some reason I just ran into problem after problem. I had a bad case of tonsillitis, and then as soon as I recovered caught pneumonia. Both of these had me put on excessive antibiotics which would later cause me problems for years to come. It weakened my immune system, destroying all the beneficial bacteria, and allowed fungus to thrive in my body.

After learning about the potential cause, I looked up the best Candida test kit and it was universally recommended that Candia5 is the way to go if you’re looking to actually find out if you have candida. The problem with candida is it’s hard to diagnose by just looking at your body, you cannot just listen to your heartbeat, and unless you see it orally, or on your skin it’s hard to say whether you have it or not. That’s where Candia5 comes in.

Unlike other testing methods (saliva, stool), candia5 uses your blood and detects your antibodies to see if you have candida. No other method is as accurate, and if I’m planning on spending a minimum of 6 months up to as much as 2 years treating my candida, I need to make sure I have it. Sure I can go on the candida diet without being sure, but what would be the point of doing that, I could go on a super healthy diet while being able to eat fruit at the same time. Limiting foods like fruit is only healthy if you have Candida.

It did detect I had candida, and knowing is the first step to recovery. I was able to go to a naturopath and get a full diet made after doing a consultation with her. I’m 3 months into my diet and have never felt better in my life. If you’re serious about checking your health, and getting it back in order there is no better test than Candia5.