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The Probiotics Hustle known as Probacto

There are many different probiotics around, some of them provide extreme benefits to the consumer, while others are barely suitable for use. I say barely suitable, not because I think there will be negatives to using them, but you have products like yogurt which are labeled as probiotics, and many of the health benefits of using them are completely negated by the negative ingredients. They contain ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, and most of the probiotics it contains will be killed immediately by stomach acids. If I was to take yogurt for probiotic benefits, I would take plain Greek Yogurt, and you have to be careful which fruits you add to that if you have a Candida infection.

There are many factors to telling if a probiotic is a good probiotic or bad probiotic. You should look for things like if they are enteric coated, and manufactured using Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Then you should also look to see what kinds of probiotics they use in their formula, you do not want to use a company that uses cheap probiotics just so they can say it has 20 billion cultures, but instead you want to use a company that makes high quality probiotics such as B. Subtilis or DDS-1. Then instead of using just 1 probiotic, you need a probiotic that has multiple strains as well, because really what’s the point of using only a single probiotic strain, when our body has hundreds of different ones in it as well. We are trying to do what is best for our body.

To be honest, I could find very few companies that met all the requirements that I was looking for in a probiotic, but then I finally came across Probacto. They hustled the entire probiotics industry to come out with something that was far above and beyond all of the competition. Their probiotic is superior than what I was looking for in almost every way, so I was beyond astounded when I saw that it also contained prebiotics as well.

If you are having any digestive issues there are few probiotics that I can wholeheartedly recommend, and Probacto is not just any of them, but it’s my favorite one by far. But then again, I am just recommending what works based on my experience, knowledge, and use. It might be different for you, not all products are good for everyone, so please do choose one that is appropriate for you, and do not use my opinion based on blind faith alone.